Enjoy God’s best for you.

Change what matters most to you.


People want more of God. They are tired, but not of God and his love. And they want to make a difference. That’s what we are about: Helping a person enjoy God’s best for them, and helping people change what matters most to them.

God has given you great motivation. You want to see a difference in your life and through your life. God does too. He wants you to live and love by his Spirit. Nothing else works for us. So Jesus wants to customize your relationship with him and others, and he wants to shape how you make that difference. Advocate helps you figure out what that looks like and how to get there. It’s a different experience of Jesus and church. One that starts with you. One that provides the community you need for the change you seek.

We commit to helping you go after:

  • Personal Growth – How Jesus is making you to be like him in spirit, soul and body.
  • Relational Health – How Jesus is bringing to you and through you affirmation, acceptance and assistance in genuine community.
  • Life Purpose – How Jesus is serving through you in your relationships and in your assignments from him.

We are intentional to:

  • Pray– enjoying God, hearing him and partnering with him on your behaf
  • Friend – giving you the affirmation, acceptance and assistance you need that brings out the Jesus in you
  • Coach – having you-centered conversations that draw out God’s best in you.
  • Resource – connecting you to what you need that equips you for what you lack.

You have accepted an uneasy call. To be Jesus in your relationships and in your assignments. Satan seeks to destroy you. Your self is prey to doubt. Not everyone understands you. And, in some ways, God has ruined you for what has been. The status quo doesn’t cut it. You know there is more. Good news – God has prepared you for this time. You have an advocate. We are on your side.