Miss, are you ok?

miss are you ok.jpg

Have you ever been caught in the act?

My wife, Natalie, and I began dating our senior year of High School. We were in love. I was the student leader in our youth group, the nice young man who could do no wrong. She is a sweet, quiet perfectionist who does no wrong.

One cold winter night, I took her to a really nice dinner, which in her home town of Puyallup meant the Sizzler. When we finished, it was too early to go back to her house because her mom was still awake. So we decided to hang out in my car. I drove my 1968 Oldsmobile - with bench seat - to a nearby park. No one else was there, which made it much nicer for us to....talk.

I’m not sure if it was the steamy windows that caught the police officer’s attention, but all of a sudden there was a loud rapping on the car window. As Natalie and I hurriedly scooted away from each other on the convenient bench seat, flashing red and blue lights illuminated the rear view mirror (face) as I lowered my front window.

The officer was quite a large man. Towering, even. He bent over and trained his flashlight on me and then focused it on Natalie.

At this point, I expected the officer to rain down judgment. I expected him to say to me “What do you think you are doing? Or to Natalie, “What were you thinking?”

Instead, with the light still held on Natalie’s face, he asked one question: “Miss, are you okay?”

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you expected God to rain down judgment? Have you experienced, instead, how he trains his light of love on you and simply asks, “Are you okay?”

Has the unexpected concern of God invited you into his unexplored place of grace?