You are more than meets the eye

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You want all that God has for you, but not just for you. You are restless until the difference your life can make is exhausted. Transformation and influence, God in you and through you; those are your heart’s desire. You want to be like Jesus; you want your relationships to be good and godly and full of grace. You want to be unforgettable in the lives of people and in your legacy to this world. God wants that for you. We want that for you. 

Unforgettable people are ordinary people who experience extraordinary change and influence. God’s best:  In themselves. In those around them. In what’s around them.

You experience the difference and make a difference when you know why you are who you are, how to fulfill what matters most, and what to do when you do. Nothing is beyond the change you seek. No one is beyond the change they need. We don’t need to feel stuck any longer.

What the world desperately cries out for, which deep down you ache to fulfill, is very little of what has been afforded you in opportunity. The staging has been wrong, the script altered, the characters fed edited lines. The casting call you answered pulled a bait and switch. You play a role you did not audition for. Is it any wonder you have lost that lovin’ feelin’?

God says he made you a little lower than him. He crowned you with glory and honor. Is this your experience?

King David praised God for making you “awesomely wonderful” (Psalm 139:14). Is that who you saw today in the mirror?

People do not have the power to define the depth of my relationship with Jesus or the quality of the faith that I exercise. If I’ve lost that lovin’ feelin,’ I left it.

And that’s good news.

Somewhere along the line, due to any number of factors, I missed something, and all that I need to get it back is a simple turn. Jesus loves to teach course corrections.

You and I want more in our relationship with God. We are not satisfied with formula faith that sours. On the contrary, until we know him so that we are like him, our spirit is restless. We long to draw near to his heart.

We also want more in our experience of his church. We want genuine relationships that translate into real and memorable ministry. We want church to be outside of walls and inside of hearts.

You have a network of relationships. They need you. The real you. But you have too often discounted yourself. You believed lies about you. You were swamped by the tsunami of religious agenda.

But, because of Jesus:

The authority you possess is incomparable.

The Spirit within you is as active as ever.

The gifts you long to give are poised for reception.

The people you love need more of you and less of what has been.

Understanding your true identity, capacity and destiny, and the why behind them, turns disappointed living into Spirit-filled experiences that shock the world.

So that’s Advocāte does. We unveil a different experience of Jesus and his church so that you enjoy God’s best in you and through you, fulfilling what matters most to you and to those you love. You  discover the community you need for the change you seek. 

(Much of the above is an excerpt from Advocate, Copyright 2017, Joe Woodruff. Used with permission).