Advocate Forgiven

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Contend for Grace.

Sin is defeated. Shame is overcome. The forgiven are not held back by the unforgiving.


  1. The clear teaching of conviction, confession, repentance and forgiveness is lived out.
  2. Understanding of evil, temptation, sin, guilt and shame, and restoration is embraced.
  3. Communities practice genuine truth and grace and champion the fallen.
  4. Bitterness and unforgiveness is uprooted.
  5. Reconciliation.


  1. Every person and situation is taken for the unique opportunity it presents.
  2. Restoration is a relational process with ongoing advocacy rather than a checklist to be satisfied
  3. The sin of bitterness and unforgiveness is called out as equally as the sin in need of repentance
  4. Reconciliation designed by God rather than forced by man.


  1. Advocacy
  2. Online community
  3. Local gathering
  4. Courses and publications
    • True or False: An understanding of self
    • Stand Forgiven: Experiencing the best in you after the worst of you
    • Breaking the chains of unjust judgment
    • Wayward Son: How to carry on
  5. 8 Days to Finally Freed