Advocate Grandparents

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Unleash the spiritual power and learned lessons of grandparents

So that families are generationally whole and grandkids are loved into their full potential

(because grandchildren should be spoiled righteous)


  1. Grandparents serve the parent’s own spiritual leadership
  2. Grandparents pray, friend, coach and resource the whole-life development of their grandchildren
  3. Grandparents are in community with other grandparents encouraging and resourcing one another’s advocacy
  4. Generational unity


  1. Grandparents learn the unique qualities of a child and shape their advocacy to the child’s style
  2. Grandparents share prayerful insights with the parents, serving together toward what God is communicating


  1. Individual and group advocacy
  2. Online community
  3. Local gathering
  4. Courses and publications:
    • God’s power for your grandkids
    • Grandparent: Unrivaled Superhero