Advocate Healthy Pastors

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Life-giving shouldn’t burn a short fuse

Personal Wellness. Family Fullness. Sustainable Ministry.


  1. Pastors and ministry leaders gain clarity on practical wellness
  2. Pastors and ministry leaders understand how to focus work, limit hours and accomplish more
  3. Families enjoy a revolutionary approach to ministry together
  4. Churches and ministries benefit from the best a leader has to offer for as long as God designs.


  1. Recognize the individuality of each leader
  2. Assessment, coaching, training and support that is customized and real-time
  3. Interrupt and change bad habits with Spirit driven power and process
  4. Community of honesty with leaders on the same journey


  1. Individual and family advocacy
  2. Online community
  3. Local gathering
  4. Courses and publications:
    • Advocate cross-training
    • Start Over
    • Misled
    • Ministry and ______.