Join a Community


Do God’s Will, God’s Way, in the place you belong, with people you love.

The following communities represent people in relationship bringing solution to a specific problem. Some communities are open for you to join. Or, God may be leading you to start a new community that addresses the same issue.

It all starts with discerning together what God is leading you to do. Contact us if we can help:

Do business with God not just for God

(because you lead better when he leads best).

Healthy culture. Happy customers. Profitable change.

Turn what you don’t want into what you do want

(because a rut is a grave without the dirt on top)

See the best in each other. Seek the best for each other.

First. Always. Especially.

Contend for Grace.

Sin is defeated. Shame is overcome. The forgiven are not held back by the unforgiving.

Unleash the spiritual power and learned lessons of grandparents

So that families are generationally whole and grandkids are loved into their full potential

(because grandchildren should be spoiled righteous)

Life-giving shouldn’t burn a short fuse

Personal Wellness. Family Fullness. Sustainable Ministry.

Brazil: In country and in US

Italy: In country and in US

Hispanic: In countries and in US



To transform the way churches disciple, and develop leaders so that God is the one leading and shaping their personal growth, relational health and life purpose

(because we draw out God’s agenda for a person, not pour on our own)

To inspire women into renewed confidence and relational health so that they overcome wrongs done to them and bring out the best in their self and others.

(because beauty always rises)

Bring out the best in each person so they bring out the best in their partner

(because marriages must be saved from the 1001 ways they die)


(applying advocāte Leadership to existing churches)

Providing Mormons undeniable experiences of the Spirit

That leads them into knowledge and love of Biblical Jesus.

Greater Reach. Better Funding. Lower Cost.

Reclaim vital prayer in the everyday life of Christians and churches

(because we are not at our best unless we have God's best)

Dignity and Opportunity for lives in transition

(because we are in it together and we leave no one behind)

Training people on how to have healthy conversations about hard questions so that the mind of Christ furthers the mission of Christ for each individual

(because understanding is a terrible thing to misunderstand)

Movement. Rest. Nutrition. Healing

Become your best from the inside-out.

Well-aged love available to younger leaders

(because the later years should be the best years for you and others)

Women who lead change, and never alone, succeed against their unique challenges.

(Clarify your purpose. Build community. Experience your dream)