Advocate Leadership

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To transform the way churches disciple, and develop leaders so that God is the one leading and shaping their personal growth, relational health and life purpose

(because we draw out God’s agenda for a person, not pour on our own)

  1. We develop to personal growth
    • Spirit: the mind of Christ, the flesh, and being made new
    • Self: why you are who you are – identity, capacity and destiny
    • Body: rest, movement, nutrition and healing
  2. We develop to relational health: Advocacy, affirmation, acceptance and assistance
  3. We develop to life purpose: clarity, relational network, ministry assignment, divine appointment
  4. We develop with advocacy skills set: pray, friend, coach, resource.


  1. People who live by Spirit, cultivating connection with God, practicing relational health and committed to their life’s purpose.
  2. Built in reproducible skills set
  3. Expansion and multiplication of missional-communities
  4. Evangelism


  1. Customized and real-time development versus fixed curriculum and process
  2. Whole-life development versus isolated spiritual formation
  3. Revelation in relationship is primary versus repetition of disciplines
  4. Multiple, congruent influences versus single mentor


  1. Individual and group advocacy
  2. Online community
  3. Local gathering
  4. Courses and publications
    • Personal Growth, Relational Health and Life’s Purpose
    • Pray, Friend, Coach, Resource
    • New Science of Developing Full Potential
    • Starting missional-communities
    • Spirit, Personality, and Unity
  5. 8 Days Church Reset
  6. Assessments, Coaching, Training and Support
  7. Fractional Staffing