Love and Be Loved

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To inspire women into renewed confidence and relational health so that they overcome wrongs done to them and bring out the best in their self and others.

(because beauty always rises)


  1. Ability to hear God’s voice and receive his heart
  2. Clarify identity, capacity and destiny
  3. Discern and defeat obstacles to confidence
  4. New understanding and experience of unity with women
  5. Embrace God’s awareness of what it means to be woman


  1. Customized transformation in personal growth, relational health and life purpose
  2. Coaching model over a consultative model
  3. Real-time, just-in time learning
  4. Every woman a learner, every woman a contributor


  1. Online community
  2. Personal advocacy
  3. Local gatherings
  4. Courses and Publications
    • Advocacy cross-training
    • Advocāte Woman
    • Why you are. Who you are (identity, capacity, destiny)