Advocate Marriage

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Bring out the best in each person so they bring out the best in their partner

(because marriages must be saved from the 1001 ways they die)


  1. Living marriage with God not just before God, toward wholeness and oneness, in freedom from formula and to true selves.
  2. A whole new approach to relational health that transcends popular advice, past family dysfunction, and religious tradition.
  3. Transformation in spirit, thought, purpose and body


  1. We start with a person and build the marriage outward, rather than start with a couple and fit them into a model.
  2. God customizes the marriage in all facets of the relationship
  3. People experience a reset, a complete divide from what was to what is, encompassing the healing of power and process.


  1. Courses and publications
    • The Spirit and Marriage
    • Marriage and the mind of Christ
    • Advocacy in Marriage
    • Marriage and Wellness
    • RISe: Romance, Intimacy, Sex elevation
  2. 8 Day Couple Reset, a coaching intensive
  3. Couples advocacy
  4. Individual advocacy
  5. Online community
  6. Local gathering