Advocate Mormon

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Providing Mormons undeniable experiences of the Spirit

That leads them into knowledge and love of Biblical Jesus.


  1. Change the way Christians relate to Mormons, away from doctrinal differences and into inarguable experience of the Spirit and Biblical Jesus
  2. Learn to speak Spirit-inspired words and model grace
  3. Bring healing to those abused by the Mormon church
  4. Lead Mormons into genuine salvation and into life-giving faith community


  1. We build up experiences with the Holy Spirit more than we tear down beliefs and practices
  2. We develop a learning community of advocates and evangelists to Mormons
  3. We commit to the transition challenges of leaving the Mormon church and integrating into faith community.


  1. Individual and group advocacy
  2. Online community
  3. Courses and publications
    • Leading Mormons to Biblical Jesus
    • Understanding the Differences