Advocate Prayer

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Reclaim vital prayer in the everyday life of Christians and churches

(because we are all pretty tired of the best man has to offer)


  1. Teach people how to enjoy God, hear God and partner with God.
  2. Build a growing network of praying communities who are mission-focused and learning-minded.
  3. Foster a prophetic voice for the advocāte network.
  4. Raise up people who speak life into others.
  5. Equip people in how to hear God in community, not just personally.


  1. Prayer that is non-formula and non-formal.
  2. Promote individual personality and a person’s natural style in prayer
  3. Learning community facilitated by leaders who discern God’s voice in community
  4. Everything is driven by being of one mind with Jesus.


  1. Individual and group advocacy
  2. Online community
  3. Local gathering
  4. Courses and Publications
    • Advocāte Prayer
    • Enjoying God
    • Hear, See, Speak, Do
    • Prayer and Group decision making
  5. 8 Day Prayer Revolution