Women's Catalyst Network

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Women who lead change, and never alone, succeed against their unique challenges.

(Clarify your purpose. Build community. Experience your dream)


  1. Women craft, rally and drive change in their area of focus.
  2. Women benefit from an advocate and network of leaders who provide prayer, supportive relationship, coaching and resources.
  3. Women engage with a network of peers and contribute to their learning community.
  4. Women navigate the unique challenges of leading in ministries and missional-communities.


  1. Individual advocacy focused on whole-person growth
  2. Interactive learning community with like-minded peer support
  3. Customized strategies
  4. Network with related fields.


  1. Courses and publications
    • Why women must lead
    • Advocacy cross-training
    • Advocate Woman
    • 8 Day Power Reset
  2. Online community