Wisdom Pool

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Well-aged love for younger leaders

(because the later years should be the best years for you and others)


  1. Younger leaders have access to older men and women who love God and possess seasoned wisdom.
  2. Older men and women discover that their best days of making a difference are still ahead
  3. Older men and women experience community together that is mission-focused and marked by prayer and counsel
  4. Older men and women experience convergence, the coming together of all of their experience into final seasons of personal growth and fruitfulness


  1. Advocacy that helps identify contribution and understand convergence: Older people accelerating in growth
  2. Promoting the power of God’s presence when older people gather to worship, intercede and serve
  3. Older people in a learning community producing resources
  4. Generational reconciliation and intergenerational ministry


  1. Courses and publications
    • Advocacy cross-training
    • Well-aged love
    • Leading out on generational ministry
    • Generational reconciliation
  2. Individual advocacy
  3. Online community
  4. Local gathering